Ed Sheeran reveals new ‘Perfect’ remix featuring Beyoncé

Ed Sheeran reveals new ‘Perfect’ remix featuring Beyoncé
Ed Sheeran has teamed up with Beyoncé for a new remix of his latest single ‘Perfect’, due out by 12:00 GMT Today.

The partnership was revealed on Instagram (below), with Ed previously stating that his previously unknown collaborator was “a fucking big deal.” It’s the latest instalment in ‘Perfect”s bid to be Christmas Number One, after Ed unveiled a festive, Zoey Deutch-starring video for the single earlier this month.

Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ remix featuring Beyoncé is set for release at midnight GMT tonight (November 30).

Ed recently revealed that he’s already thinking about his next album, and there’s nine songs that could potentially make the final cut.

The singer, who released third album ‘Divide’ earlier this year, says that he already has a “rough idea” of what can be expected from the follow up, although it’s constantly changing.

“I’ve got a rough outline of it – I’ve probably got about nine songs that I really like. But that could all change tomorrow if I think of nine new songs to replace them”, he told Time Out.

“There are about forty that I wrote I haven’t used but nine I really like.”

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